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The binary does not work on my linux system!

Contrary to official SMRT Link releases, the ccs binary distributed via bioconda is tuned for performance while sacrificing backward compatibility. We are aware of following errors and limitations. If yours is not listed, please file an issue on our official pbbioconda page.

Illegal instruction Your CPU is not supported. A modern (post-2008) CPU with support for SSE4.1 instructions is required. SMRT Link also has this requirement.

FATAL: kernel too old Your OS or rather your kernel version is not supported. Since ccs v4.2 we also ship a second binary via bioconda ccs-alt, which does not bundle a newer glibc. Please use this alternative binary.

For ccs, we offer two binaries in bioconda:

  • ccs, statically links glibc v2.32 and mimalloc v1.3.0.
  • ccs-alt, was build by dynamically linking glibc v2.12, but statically links mimalloc v1.3.0.